Voting Assistance

Your vote is important.

Vote early, absentee, or on August 22 in-person.

It’s critical that we make every vote count in this election. Below you’ll find a link for voter registration, instructions for how you can apply for an absentee ballot, and even how to find your precinct.

Still have questions? Call the campaign at (251) 377-7000.


1. Make sure you’re registered to vote! You can register online via the Alabama Secretary of State’s Website.



3. Mail it in! Send your Absentee Ballot Application to the following address:


City Clerk
P.O. Box 1827
Mobile, AL 36633


4. Wait for your ballot to arrive with instructions.


5. In town between now and August 16? You can vote in person by visiting the Absentee Ballot office on the ground floor of Government Plaza.


6. Planning to vote on Election Day but not sure where to go? Use the City of Mobile’s new Voting Center Locator.


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Voting Assistance