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Stimpson’s re-election effort raises nearly $450,000

Mayor Sandy Stimpson’s re-election campaign filed its monthly financial disclosure for November today, showing a total of $449,323 in contributions raised by the campaign to date.

“I’m honored to receive the financial support of so many who believe in the work we are doing and the progress we are making for the citizens of Mobile,” Stimpson said. “When you see nearly $450,000 come through the door in just three months of fundraising, it’s humbling and encouraging.”

The cumulative total is made up of contributions from more than 350 individuals and 38 businesses, of which more than half gave $500 or less.

Other highlights from the report include contributions from PACs representing area realtors, builders and auto dealers, further underlining support for the Mayor from the Mobile business community.

“These organizations represent the types of local businesses that make up the fabric of our community. Having their support is a great honor and validation towards our efforts to make Mobile more business friendly,” Stimpson said.

The campaign received its first contribution towards re-election on Sept. 1. All contributions and expenditures are reported monthly to Mobile County Probate Court and are on file to date. The current cash on hand total is $384,244.32.

Currently, Stimpson has no challengers in the race, although that could change as next year’s election draws closer. Former Mayor Sam Jones has indicated he may run again, but hasn’t yet made an official announcement. Stimpson beat Jones in the 2013 municipal election.


Stimpson’s re-election effort raises nearly $450,000