A Message from 

Mayor Sandy Stimpson

Just over seven years ago, we started a process of fulfilling the bold vision of becoming One Mobile, a safer, more business, and family-friendly city. You believed in our vision and joined me in doing the hard work – as a result, we are better, stronger and Mobile’s future is brighter.

Upon being elected in 2013, we found ourselves surrounded by crumbling streets, broken sidewalks, uncontrolled blight, and poorly maintained parks. The financial challenges we faced were daunting.
Seven years later, thanks to good financial stewardship, the city of Mobile is on solid financial ground, even in the face of a global pandemic that has crippled many other communities.

While other cities have cut budgets and services, we have wisely invested your tax dollars in ways and at levels never seen in our City. The collaboration that exists with our State and Federal partners is unparalleled in the history of Mobile. Today, they are investing in our community because they believe we are heading in the right direction.

Working together, every part and aspect of city life is feeling the impact of these investments whether it be through exciting new programs, renovations, rebuilds, or new facilities. From crime prevention to emergency medical services and fire-fighting, to repaving and rebuilding roads, bridges, sidewalks, and drainage ditches, we have made tremendous progress.

As I think about affordable housing, blight reduction, bike lanes, blue ways, greenways, parks, and playing fields, I know we have much more to do. But just look around. We’ve identified the challenges and every single day improvements are being implemented.

Looking forward, as we expand the port, relocate the airport, build a magnificent waterfront park at Brookley, plus a no-toll bridge for cars, no matter where you live in Mobile, the impact on you and your family will be tremendously positive due to increased growth and job opportunities.

Every day that the Stimpson administration comes to work for the City, we come here to serve you. Yes, this is all about you and transforming our city ensuring that your quality of life – your safety, your health, your education and job opportunities, your pleasure and fun – ensuring that your future is bright.

Being your mayor has been and is a great honor – serving you is a privilege that I do not take for granted. Seven months from now, you will be going to the polls to select who will lead your City. I’m asking for your continued support and your vote.

Now is not the time to let up. With your support, the best is yet to come!

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